There is no candles. No tart. No clappings. Only silent with me.

The night falls. Day changes. A new day has come.

I’m twenty now. Hmm…feel aged.

Start a new day with new spirit. I don’t wanna do all bad thing I’ve done last.

I’m sitting in front of the mirror. Watch my face. Watch my eyes. Any something there not finish yet? Too much…

Walk time. Past and now is mine. Future? I dunno. Too much hopes. Too many dreams. Less acts. What is that? Loss…

A reborn, new plans. Little bit effort to achieve it. Hikss…once again. I hate that! I hate myself. None could help me, except me. God also definitely.

The rains this afternoon, make me think: God is very very kind for me. God cares me. God attentives me. I feel that the world loves me because of its coolness. Haha…

This night, i will waiting for that seconds. My birth day. My new age. Twenty.

The first message i received from unknown sender:

Hargailah sgl sswtu yg msh kau miliki sblm ia hilang darimu, dan kau akhirny m’nyadari btp brhrg smw itu bgmu…

Happy birthday…

Met b’kpla dua...

Sender: +6281270254xxx


10 thoughts on “Twenty…

  1. nunikutami said: Selamat ulang taun yaaa.. Ditunggu traktirannya.. Hehehe

    wahwahwah,…saya yang kudu nugu traktiran dari mbak ney…*lirik2 royalti bukunya mbak nunik*

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