[Essay] Two Faces of Music and How We Face It

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Almost all people who has normal hearing like music. Despite the music is generated through instruments or by nature, like the sound of a gust of wind, whistling, or rumbling sound of waves. Music is a universal language that not only has the beauty side but also the messages. Collaboration between the composition of music and messages of the lyrics in a song, for example, will provide a variety of effects for emotional and behavioral of listeners individually or grouply. The effects can be positive or negative. This essay will outline the music influences to individu and people. At the end of this essay, the author will give its personal opinions.

Lately, many exposed that music has good effect physically and psychologically. The effect has been known through a series of studies and also therapies. For example, what is known as “Mozart’s effects” in which music can stimulate emotional and intellectual development of a baby. As the results of research of Brad Kennedy and Jennifer Durst who revealed that music can stimulate the intellect, creativity, and the ability to calm down the baby in the womb. After the birth, children also can be taught to analyze a song which become means of learning for them in developing their cognitive and motoric skills.

Music also can be therapy in restoring emotional closeness in family and relaxation for the whole family. This was disclosed by The American Music Therapy Organization. Additional studies also showed that music therapy can cause physiological changes by releasing brain chemicals, including melatonin, norephinephrine, epinephrine, serotononin and prolactin, which helps reduce depression, set the mood, and make the patient calmer and more able to sleep. Music therapy can also help healing those who suffer from stroke, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson well.

Beside has significantly positive influence in health field, music also can channelize messages containing love, peace, and freedom. Thus forming the behavior of groups of people through music can also be done. As put forward by the Indonesian rock band, Slank. Despite their rock band is identic to the harsh and violent, but they become the inspiration for young people to uphold love, peace, and respect. Moreover, many of their songs have social critics. So, it would also help society to be more critical to the reign. Thus, we might say that music can be more fun learning media in forming people’s good character.

However, it is inevitable that some type of music tracks can also negatively affect one’s emotions and behavior. Today, song lyrics evolved into more explicit and more denotative meaning. Issues of sexism, violence, racism and homophobic is contained in the lyrics of popular music today which have a major impact for young people who are looking for their self-identity.

As recently, metal music and music lyrics of ‘gangster rap’ has raised great concern. The lyrics of the songs clearly communicate the messages that are harmful to health of adolescents. The effect is the tendency of unhealthy teenage relationships such as out of wedlock pregnancies, drug use, HIV syndrome, homicide, and suicide.

It can be traced back to the one’s choice of music. Teenagers that are isolated, angry, or depressed will tend to be interested in music that can fulfill their feelings of despair and hostility. Numerous studies have shown that heavy metal music may be a significant marker for alienation, substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, suicide risk, sex role stereotypes, or high-risk behaviors during adolescence (American Academy of Pediatrics, 1999). A Swedish study showed that teenagers who are interested in rock music is highly influenced by their fellow peers who received less attention from parents and family.

However, so far there is no comprehensive study on the effect of vulgarity lyrics of songs with people’s bad behaviors. It is because ones who consume music often do not even understand the meaning of the lyrics of songs they heard. They just heard it without curiously want to know its meaning.

So, I can conclude that music can not be used as the main reason to the poor attitudes shown by people. It is because there are other factors that need to be traced back, such as economic, political, social, or culture problems. Music is not the only cause, but is just one of indicators. So, for family who has adolescents that show bad behaviour because of music they consume, the best way to solve it is by indentifying the root of problem and find the wiser way such as going to the counsellor.

*NB: this photo was taken from http://leadership.uoregon.edu*


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  1. Iya, Mbak.Karena penyelenggaranya adalah salah satu lembaga konsultasi pendidikan Australia.Juga, tujuannya untuk melatih keterampilan menulis esai IELTS 🙂

  2. bikin essay yang berimbang emang gmpang2 susah..tapi essay di atas mnrt mba dah berimbangcuma…kadang kebiasaan menulis kalimat2 cerpen bkin lebih hidup suasana tulisan essay dibanding bahasa yg resmi banget. well…yah namanya jg essay….kadang gabungan fiksi susah diselipinnya…gudlak dek…^_^

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